You Are Welcome in This Place!

What to Expect

New Here?

Welcome to St. Paul Lutheran Church… we’re glad you’re interesting in learning more about our community of faith!  You’ll find that we are firmly rooted in the Bible and we preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in all that we do.  We are a confessional church body with a Biblically based liturgical worship style as it is found in the Lutheran Service Book.

Join us on Sunday mornings for Bible Study and Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. followed by worship at 11:00 a.m.

Sometimes it is good to know what to expect when attending a church for the first time.  This information is meant to help familiarize you with our common practices:

When you come to the church, you will first be welcomed by a Greeter.  You’ll also receive a copy of our weekly bulletin which includes parts of the liturgy, announcements, and prayer requests.  This may be a good time to speak to the Pastor about the Lord’s Supper if you are visiting for the first time.

Entering into the sanctuary, you are welcome to sit wherever you like.  If you have kids, please be courtious and sit near the back if they may need extra care (restroom visits, “time out’s”, etc.). 

As you prepare yourself for the service…

  • familiarize yourself with our bulletin and hymnal.  The bulletin will identify all hymns and prayers.  While most of the hymns and liturgy is printed in the bulletin, we also use This Far By Faith, a supplementary hymnal in many of our services.  Bibles are also located next to TFBF. 
  • be ready to do a lot of standing and sitting.  Some Lutheran churches use kneelers for parts of the service.  We do not.
  • be ready to sing loud and strong some of the most wonderfully beautiful and meaningful hymns of the church – and I mean that literally! 

Regarding the Lord’s Supper:

St. Paul Lutheran Church practices Closed Communion, a biblical, historic, and Lutheran practice found in many congregations.  Closed Communion, in a nutshell, is the practice of only allowing those who believe, teach, and confess the same doctrines to commune.  Generally this means only taught, tested, and approved members of an LCMS congregation or other church in fellowship with us.  However, the best thing to do is speak to the pastor before the service.  Rest assured that we WANT you to commune with us, and as soon as possible, but we also want you to know what we believe, and know what you believe, so that we’re all on the same page when receiving His Body and Blood.